An Observatorium for Science in Society based in Social Models (SISOB).

Responsable: Mario Albornoz
Fuente de financiamiento: Coordinado por la Universidad de Málaga con el financiamiento de la Comisión Europea
Duración: 2011/2013

The specific goals of the project are to:

(i) create a framework modelling the actors, relationships, communities and social networks involved in the social appropriation of research knowledge;

(ii) design and implement tools and indicators making it possible to automatically collect, analyze and visually represent data describing these actors and their interactions;

(iii) create data-driven models of specific actors, communities and networks relevant to three case studies;

(iv) use the tools and indicators developed by the project to collect and analyze data relevant to the same studies;

(v) use the results from these studies to validate the methods and tools developed;

(vi) Implement, and release in open source, a platform for the capture and analysis of social network data relevant to measuring the social impact of research. The case studies are: mobility of researchers, knowledge sharing and peer reviewing processes.